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IEH Services

Ireland Employment Hub is your one-stop shop for landing your first job in Ireland. Our services are designed specifically for students from ELI School and WST higher education programs. While agencies partnered with ELI Schools can introduce you to our services, for higher education support, we work directly with WST students.

We offer a comprehensive suite of resources to help you navigate the Irish job market with confidence and secure the position you deserve. Here’s what you’ll gain access to:


Monthly Webinars:

Stay informed with our regular webinars covering the latest trends in the Irish employment market, promising job opportunities, and valuable upskilling tips.


CV Workshops and Builder:

Master the art of crafting a compelling CV and cover letter. Our monthly workshops, held at each school, equip you with the knowledge to showcase your skills and qualifications effectively. We also provide a user-friendly CV builder to streamline the process.


Job Fair Access:

Get a head start on your job search with access to our comprehensive activities calendar. Discover upcoming events and job fairs across various locations, allowing you to network with potential employers.


IEH Job Fairs:

We leverage our strong partnerships with local companies to organize exclusive job fairs. Join us for these events and connect directly with recruiters, learn about exciting opportunities, and gain insights into specific job requirements.


Open Day Recruitment:

Explore a wide range of career paths at our dedicated recruitment open days. These events offer a valuable platform to find your ideal first job in Ireland and network with industry professionals.


Centralized Career Opportunities:

Access a curated list of career openings from our trusted partners, all conveniently located in one place through the IEH platform.