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Welcome to the Ireland Employment Hub, your premier connection point for professional opportunities in Ireland. We’re dedicated to bringing together employers and qualified international graduates, offering a unique blend of skills and ambition. Our Mission is to help the employers of Ireland to find the top talent they are searching for, and to provide a platform for international students to find the best professional opportunities.

Employment Hub

A nexus connecting employers with skilled international students.

Ireland Employment Hub

A nexus connecting employers with skilled international students.

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A platform connecting businesses and recruitment agencies with international graduates for job opportunities.

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A platform for businesses and recruitment agencies to highlight roles and potential offers for international graduates.

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Demonstrating a pledge to employing global graduates.

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Demonstrating a pledge to employing global graduates.

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The economy in Ireland is thriving but over 90% of employers face significant staffing challenges


Ireland is at 100% employment. Over 90% of businesses are facing significant staff shortages. Over 50% employers highlight that front-line and operations roles are in most demand.


More than 25,000 adult international students study English in Ireland each year. The majority are enrolled on long-term programs of 6 months and can stay up to two years studying English and working part-time.


Non-EU students can work part-time 20 hours per week during term and full-time during the summer and Christmas holidays.

Employment Opportunities and most in-demand skills

  • Healthcare 3,900 Jobs in Ireland
  • Healthcare Assistant 1,900 Jobs
  • Hospitality 3,100 Jobs in Ireland
  • Chefs (all grades) 1,700 Jobs in Ireland
  • Technology 10,000 Jobs
  • Software and Web 1,550 Jobs in Ireland
  • Construction 6,000 Jobs in Ireland
  • Engineering 2,500 Jobs


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Employment Hub Expo

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When I arrived in Ireland 6 years ago, my sole objective was to study English. I didn’t think about working in my field as I didn’t believe it would be possible due to my basic level of English. My first job was as an au pair, where I lived with a family, and the interaction with Irish people helped me to significantly improve my English. I completed three English courses and then decided to pursue a college education. I finished my last English course at the Upper Intermediate level, but I still felt it wasn’t sufficient for working, so I decided to go to college.

The course was only one year long, and once I finished it, I felt more confident. I then decided to search for a job in my field. I created a strong resume and LinkedIn profile, and after 8 months of attending interviews, I secured my first job in the field of civil engineering. The company applied for my work visa, and the only condition was to relocate from Dublin to Drogheda, where the company is located. Today, almost 3 years later, I am still at the same company, and I am very happy with my work.


Civil Engineer
Shawport Civil & Building Contractors

My goal was to stay in Ireland just for the exchange period of 8 months so I could learn English at ELI school, work part time and to gain the experience of living abroad (new culture, new people, food and etc).

I started working in a cleaning company as a cleaner and sometimes I covered holidays in a coffee shop where I worked as a kitchen porter.

It was 2 years before I started working in my professional area. So far it has been amazing as I am able to share my knowledge and fully communicate in a different language. I currently work in a Japanese bank which is a multinational company, and it has been an honour to gain professional experience here.

I am very happy when I look back and see my growth.


Associate – Strategic planning department
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation – SMBC

Improving my English was my goal when I first came to Ireland. My aim was to achieve an advanced level of English so that I could add this to my resume and thus achieve a more competitive resume in Brazil. My first job in Ireland was as a Kitchen Porter in a restaurant in Dublin.

It took me approximately 1 year to gain experience in my area. It was a challenge, as I went through many interviews. Not to mention that it is difficult to find a company as my area of expertise is a critical skill area.

I feel very fulfilled working in my field. The average salary here is so good that I no longer think about returning to Brazil, at least not anytime soon. I believe working in my area will contribute a lot to my career and benefit me in the future.

An interesting fact is that in Brazil I fought very hard to secure a place on a robotics team, but I was never successful, however, here in Ireland I managed to do it in 1 year.


Electrical Engineer
Megadale Automation

I came to Dublin to learn English and work in the pharmacy field.

My first job here was as a cleaner, after that I worked in a health care company as a care assistant. I liked that job, however after a few years I got a job in a Pharmacy as a technician, and I am now planning to revalidate my diploma to be able to work as a pharmacist.


Pharmacy technician
Lloyds Pharmacy

In June 2018, I decided to come to Dublin with the goal of improving my English. I was enchanted by my new school, ELI. In the initial months, I focused on my studies and realized that one of the best ways to enhance my English was by working and fully immersing myself in the language. I began working in a Nursing Home, even during the COVID pandemic, while also freelancing in the IT field.

I completed all three English courses offered at ELI, and I have no regrets. The quality of education is excellent, and I made great friends while having the opportunity to connect with professionals who continue to contribute to the school.

Being Brazilian, I needed a work visa to pursue my career, and fortunately, IT is considered a Critical Skill in Ireland, making the visa application process theoretically easier.

I understand the challenges newcomers face—adapting to a new country, language, and culture, searching for housing etc. These are phases and lessons that become valuable experiences for life. Remember, everything passes, and great things await those who persist!.


Senior System Engineer

I arrived after COVID restrictions were lifted, creating a more relaxed atmosphere. However, navigating housing in Ireland proved challenging. Fortunately, ELI Schools offered student accommodation as an option, providing a temporary solution during my first week. I consider myself fortunate to have secured permanent housing within that timeframe, but I recognize the ongoing difficulty in finding suitable accommodation.

Job hunting presented its own set of challenges, but thorough preparation proved essential. Armed with a well-crafted English CV, I began my search with confidence. I quickly learned that attitude holds significant weight in the eyes of employers. In my first week, I secured a position as a floor staff member in a 4-star hotel restaurant. While grateful for the opportunity, my sights were set higher. Continuing my search, I landed a receptionist position at another 4-star hotel within a month. I’ve since grown into the role of Front Office Supervisor, a testament to my hard work and determination.

Navigating the work permit application process has been a part of my journey, and I am currently awaiting approval. It’s not without its challenges, but the positive relationship I’ve built with my employer has been crucial.


Front Office Supervisor at
Sumitomo Mitsui Camden Court Hotel

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